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The Truth About Carbohydrates

by Christopher Cerchio on July 28, 2020

The number one question that always pops up in any initial client session, "so, carbs are evil right?". No, carbs are not evil. Education about carbs are mislead and in fact carbs are broken between two groups. The good and the bad. Also known as, complex and simple. 

The body has a main source of energy. To name that source is easy, Carbohydrates. The evil word among the losing weight community in almost every part of the world it seems. Fad diets are based around limiting carbs, but why? Well, fad diets works quick. The less carbs a person intakes, equals less calories, equals less water retention which in turn will equal less weight gain. It also gives the body time to used the other energy source, fat, as energy and burn that. Fyi, fat is not bad either. It's actually essential for the human body. 

What people tend to get wrong is the amount of consumption needed. Are we all farmers? No. Are we all professional athletes who are physically active 8 hours of the day? No. Another FYI, athletes can eat up to 300 grams of carbs a day. But how can they go thtr high and someone else who is the average joe eats 75 grams a day and still cant lose weight? Well, like I said, they are active 8 hours a day! The more the body moves and does physically intense labor (or workouts) the more the body burns energy and the body can consume more. Sitting in a chair from 9-5 then driving to the gym for an hour then driving home to eat and relax, have a midnight snack, repeat 4 more days then on the weekends relax and be very loose eating, then no, the individual will never hit goals.

Complex carbs do not make a person fat. I will include what those are. Simple carbs aide in weight gain, I will also attach some of those. But, what ultimately aides and destroys the persons weight goals, is a simple formula. Physical activity amount is not enough for the amount the body needs to burn off overall calories. 


Eat clean. Workout. Stay active. Go for walks. Do not over consume just because boredom kicks in or that is what you are use to. Carbs do not make a person gain weight. To much consumption of calories than what is going out does. Not enough balance between food consumption and activity. 

Fact: You can have a piece of cake a day, be really active and lose weight. Will you be healthy, not a chance. Would I lecture my client, ABSOLUTELY! Eat moderately and clean with moderate activity and there is no such thing as a evil carb. 

 COMPLEX (Slow digesting. Ideal for weight maintenance) SIMPLE( Fast digesting. Spike blood sugar. does not aide weight maintenance.

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