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About Us

Here at Chaos Theory we take pride in all of our clients journeys. We do not just help achieve but we also walk beside them with support. Overcoming obstacles together and creating a new breath of life in themselves.

Escape Reality

Chaos isnt about being unruly and barbaric. Its about being the best that everyone thinks you will never be. Its going pass the limit that is made by others around you. Chaos is determination, confidence, and using the strongest inner most emotions to achieve the greatness that a person deserves. Defying others that hold you back not because they think you cant do it, but because they are scared of the outcome when you do. Chaos Theory thrives and we help our clients achieve this level and take control of their life as they deserve.


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Our signature supplement line.

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Our Blogs

Every person has their own story. This story has either prompted the individual to start a journey to achieve a new success or put a halt in their plans.

Cardio vs. Weights: Which Is Better? (greatist.com)

on June 22, 2021

There are the alarming numbers about fall rates, like how 70% of older adults aged 70+ will die as a result of a fall, or how the United States is projected to have 7 deaths from falling per hour in 2030. There are the cognitive declines, hormonal drops, and psychological problems. 

on August 05, 2020

The number one question that always pops up in any initial client session, "so, carbs are evil right?". No, carbs are not evil. Education about carbs are mislead and in fact carbs are broken between two groups. The good and the bad. Also known as, complex and simple. 

on July 28, 2020

One Must Escape RealityTo Achieve, Who They Are Meant To Be


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